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Here you can see my gameplay videos, my tutorials (some in spanish btw), the game soundtrack, there are uploading King of Fighter 98 Ultimate Match OSt, and Doom 1 and Doom 2 music, the super classics of all time!.


Also, i'm gonna unpload, maybe next week (today september 10 , 2011), my own DOOM and QUAKE action figures! (made by me obviously xD).


For now you can see my gameplay videos, recorded with Fraps, mostly, Doom and Quake videos.




 NEWS september 22 2011


So, my first doom action figure is done!!!!!!!1, the arachnotron, from DOOM 2!, so, check the Action figures section and see the photos and videos! greetings.







So, news today September 17 of 2011, one day before birthday of my beautiful country!  i'm finishing my very first action figure, is the Arachnotron from DOOM! just some painting and its done, and im gonna make a video of course, there is a new gameplay video btw, check it now is about the final boss of quake 2, this time killing it really fast. 


Check it now in the "Gameplay videos" section.